First storyteller show

Abdul Shafi Health and Community Association, in partnership with the Bozour Theater Association for Culture and Arts, carried out the first storytelling show on Tuesday, 09/11/2021 at ten in the morning, on the grounds of the Budour Theater for Culture and Arts for (20) women and girls, as part of the activities for providing awareness services about the concepts of built violence. On gender and women’s rights.
The presentation included recounting models of gender-based violence and how to confront and overcome it, in addition to the music accompanying the story. One of the participating women presented her experience and how to overcome violence against her. The women praised the role of the Abdel Shafi Health and Community Association in raising their awareness of their health and legal rights to confront gender-based violence. social.
This activity comes within the project “Improving the access of women and girls who are victims of sexual and gender-based violence and survivors of it to multi-sectoral prevention and response services” within the project of work for gender equality and non-discrimination in civil society and youth empowerment, implemented by Terre des Zooms Switzerland (Tdh) in partnership with ten civil society organizations in the Gaza Strip, including the Abd al-Shafi Health and Community Association.
Excellent service to a people who deserve it

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