Bozour Association for Arts and Culture was founded in 2018 by a group of creative women specialized in the field of theater and arts, and committed to empowering their local community through the provision of cultural and artistic programs that target all groups of Palestinian society to contribute much to reviving the Palestinian cultural heritage.

Our Message:

We are looking forward to highlight and activate the role of the performing arts, as a tool for communication with the people of the world, free expression, positive change, support and empowerment.

Our values

- Commitment to national constants.
- Independence
- Transparency and professionalism

Our Vision:

An artistic cultural heritage decent the Palestinian national future, and a beacon led the Palestinian generations to a more empowering reality

Our Goals

- Activating the role of theater and arts as a tool for free expression, change and communication;
- Contribute to empowering the target groups in the social, artistic and cultural fields.
- Contribute to the formation of a database and specialized studies in the field of arts and heritage.
- Forming an integrated cultural assembly that includes all categories of the society as representatives of Palestinian culture.

Our Target groups

- Women mainly as the first incubator, educator, supporter and protector.
- The man, as a partner in construction, establishment and support.
- The child as a core and a nucleus of the future
- The elderly as preservers of artistic historical heritage, experienced sages, and custodians of our civilization and our future